Posing Tips for your prewedding session :)

Photographer and makeup artist booked, wardrobe and decoration checked, location reserved, finally your prewedding photo session has come, you thought everything prepared already and everything  will be fine and great. Until the photographer stand up in front of you and told you to pose with your couple. Suddenly you realize that everything will not just fine at it’s all because you have no idea how to tell your body how properly to pose even thought  the photographer already helping you.

Ok first thing you got to do is take a deep breath and try to relax, yes it is not as easy as we watched model to pose in a photoshoot, but it’s very normal for us as ordinary people standing in front of the photographer and all that that gears. Don’t let that big camera and lighting makes you down. Instead of tell your body to pose in certain way which most likely  will make you feel uncomfortable, you should just relax and do something naturally.  Just imagine some fun scenario about things that you will enjoy doing it with your couple. Don’t freeze out ! move often, use your wardrobe, accessories, decoration and surrounding  as your advantage to create great portrait.  Finally everything whats matter is what you feeling inside because it will shown in to your body language, face expression and good photographer will able to capture that happiness and your good mood feeling through out the session.